College Management System A Mobile ERP

College Management System

This is a small College ERP system demo android application. It is the first demo version of this app. By modifying this, one can build basic ERP projects, such as Employee Management System etc.

Structure of project (Functional Requirements)

1. Splash
2. Shared preference
3. Login
5. Welcome
6. Admin
    6.1 Manage Roles
    6.2 Manage College Branches list
    6.3 Manage Subjects list
    6.4 Manage Users list       
    6.5 Manage Faculty Members list
7. HOD
    7.1 Student List
        7.1.1 By class selection
        7.1.2 By Criteria (Placement eligibility)
        7.1.3 By Specific Student
    7.2 Student Profile
    7.3 Tutor list
    7.4 Faculty List    
        7.4.1 Subject Wise
        7.4.2 Class Wise
    7.5 Assign tutor
    7.6 Assign faculty

Project configuration

Compile Sdk Version => 25
Build Tools Version => 25.0.3

Used dependencies

1.  https://github.com/afollestad/material-dialogs 
->For Material Alert Dialog 
2. http://square.github.io/okhttp/
->For  HTTP & HTTP/2 support
3. https://github.com/google/volley
->For HTTP library
4. http://square.github.io/picasso/
->For image downloading and caching

Click Here For College Management System Web Page

Posted in Scrap on Apr 06, 2018